Our story

Tyyni sauna was born with the co-operation of Finnish sauna producer New Sauna and award-winning architect Piotr Gniewek. New Sauna has significant experience in manufacturing modern outdoor saunas. 

Finns want their saunas near nature. Saunas have their own special place in the hearts of Finnish people. There you can sense the connection between the ancient sauna culture, ancestors and nature.

Behind the elegant design is multi award-winning architect Piotr Gniewek. Piotr has studied architecture in Finland and embraced the essence of Finnish sauna.

The starting point for the design has been polished details, optimized space usage, and the usability of the sauna.

Going to sauna is a simple, reduced event that brings about great things. It awakens the senses and returns to mind the saved memories of body.

Laatikainen, S. (2019) Saunan kansa, s. 16-17

The clear oblong architecture, soothing facade and large windows brings the user closer to nature.

Fire, water and wood are the basic conditions for life here in the north. Tyyni sauna offers these ever lasting experiences with knowledge and modern style.

9 centimeter thick CLT- elements advanced features offer great opportunity to build modern saunas.

The large windows are durable 8mm tempered safety glass. The mirroring on the windows bring style and privacy for the user.

In Tyyni Sauna, both the body and mind are revitalized. Contact us, and let's plan together the perfect, modern garden sauna for you!